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Treat yourself as nature intended. We ship you the healthiest snack bars and detox teas,  custom tailored for your health goal in mind. Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give a gift to a loved one!


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Our Certified Nutritionist Searches for the Healthiest Gourmet Snack Bars That Help Achieve Your Desired Health Goal 

Up to 20 Tasty Protein Bars and 20 Servings of Immune Boosting Teas Per Box!


Enjoy Delicious Bars to Supplement Your Workout or For Healthier Snacking on the Go, Complemented With Your Very Own Cup of Tea.

I've always been a health enthusiast. it's great being introduced to protein brands I haven't tried before!

Jackie Samuels, Roslyn NY

Raise The Bar is literally your personal online nutritionist.... This has to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Marissa Kali, Miami FL

Brilliant... All I have to do is input my health goal and some info about myself and bam! I get protein bars shipping every month. So dope.

Steven George, Bethesda MD

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Boxes ship out around the 1st of each month

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You will receive a shipment around the 5th of every month!

What exactly comes with my box?

Our care packages start you off with 5  protein bars, while our advanced packages provide you with 20 bars AND 20 servings of immune boosting teas!

Curated by our team of certified nutritionists to help you attain your desired health goal 

Incredible convenience. Let our team of certified professionals do the grunt work for you! 

How do we choose exactly what you get? Check out What's Inside !

Just ... Why?

We understand that looking for the perfect protein bar seems to be an endless search. Properly fueling our bodies with natural ingredients is crucial in  adequately improving our health and lifestyle.  Our team is comprised of certified personal trainers and nutritionists, giving you the peace of mind that we provide only the healthiest protein snacks and immune boosting teas the world has to offer, all at the comfort of your very own home

Pace Yourself.

Raising the bar to a healthier you starts with taking the first step. We understand that a monthly subscription is a big commitment to us. But we also understand that using our box is an even bigger commitment to yourself. So we invite you to invest in your form, in your endurance, and in your health with our one-time purchase options. No yearly subscription, no monthly auto-renewal, no daily excuses.